Artist statement

My work is dark and humorous. I try to convey how life is both
hopeless and bleak, yet beautiful and inspiring at the same time.  We are all outcasts in a world of lost souls. Misfits and freaks.

I am fascinated with the human face and its lack of symmetry.  I am
especially drawn to faces with too many miles and not enough upkeep. While exaggerating facial expressions and features, I try to keep the demeanor ambiguous, often in a kind of “euphoric-melancholy.”

When constructing my work, I intentionally highlight the
ubiquitous cracks on the surface of the pieces. These cracks are symbolic of the anguish and damages life decorates on our skin.  Just like my “Misfits” don’t fit neatly into our society, their skin is a damaged wrapper that highlights these rebel, weirdos.