Solo Show opening Friday, June 3rd

If you are in the City and wanting to see a few of my misfits in person, you’re in luck.  I am having a solo show at the Clay by the Bay Gallery, located at 1248 Mason St. on Nob Hill. (Across the street from the cable car museum).

The opening reception is Friday, June 3rd from 6pm-9pm

The show should be up for the rest of the month (June), if you can’t make the reception.

Here’s a little teaser, from my series on the Alien Underwear War series.

This one is called Naked Aggression, the invasion begins

alien underwear wars-Naked Agression

Unfortunately, this brings up a whole rash of questions:

  • Do the alien rays make earthlings clothes disappear? (Except for the underwear, of course.)
  • Or do the earthlings strip down to their underwear as some sort of protective layer or camouflage?
  • Or are the aliens a bunch of 10 year old boys, just wanting everyone to run around in their underwear?

It would be foolish not to speculate.

Come and see the whole series and draw your own conclusion.

Pablo’s Pony

I think that Picasso’s Guernica is incredible, both politically and artistically.  When I saw the it and the studies that lead up to it at the Prado in Spain, it literally made me cry.  (I see that Guernica has since been moved out of the Prado into Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.  But it remains in Madrid.)

Pablo's Pony
Pablo’s Pony

Other pieces I have done have referenced parts of that masterwork.  This is my interpretation of one small aspect of that amazing painting.

Fractured classics

I did a few bas-relief wall pieces based on classic paintings.  Here are three from the series:

Venus on the half shell
Venus on the half shell

Two AngelsTwo Angels

I also did a large wall piece based on the Last Supper, called the Penultimate Supper, but that one sold before I got a decent shot of it.  (Either a photo will be posted or I will figure out how to add the movie I took of the piece.  Stay tuned.)

Create your own adventure….

This is a piece in which I wanted to leave the narrative open and have the viewer actively involved in creating the story associated with it.

I created three different top pieces and three different arm pieces, so that the viewer can change them out and have different versions of the same piece.

I created the head, initially, without any top, so that the brain is exposed.  Then the viewer can add one of three of different tops to the head, a small balding forehead; a large balding forehead or a cowboy hat.

The arm can be changed so the subject is holding a pipe, a bottle or a handgun.blown mind 1